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Nora CreeachThis site is maintained in the memory of Nora Creeach, an Internet Pioneer.  Nora was instrumental in helping to shape the WWW for crafters by innovative ideas and always giving of her talent freely.

  We wish to honor her memory by continuing to provide craft projects and information free to everyone here on her site as well as through the Crafty Visions Newsletter which she so dedicatedly supported and Crafty College for which she was the inspiration.

Nora will always be missed but never forgotten thank to the WWW which she so loved.


About Us

The Bluebonnet is a member of the Lupin Family and in the "Victorian Language of Flowers", Lupin means imagination.

Nora CreeachBecause of my love of the Bluebonnet, the Texas State Flower, and because of this definition, I chose the Bluebonnet as my company logo. Bluebonnet Crafts was the original name used when selling my hand made crafts.

About sixteen years ago I joined the Tawakoni Art Guild and met Ann. At that time we joined forces selling our crafts at local shows using the established business structure I had in place.

Ten years ago Cynthia moved to the Lake Tawakoni area and joined us in the Art Guild and Bluebonnet. Although each of us had specialized interests in different areas of the craft field we found that our differences made it easy for us to work together and our individual personalities complimented each other. We joined forces to sell our crafts and ideas as 'how to projects' by making submissions to craft publications.

At that same time we decided to use our combined knowledge about craft products to write a product review column. We contacted a magazine for professional crafters and sold the editor on the idea based on a sample column written following an all night session with Cynthia, Ann, the products the computer and myself.

Unfortunately we lost Cynthia in May of 2001. Ann passed away in April 2004

I continue with Bluebonnet Village Designing projects for Crafty Visions Newsletter and Editor and Publisher of a free online magazine for Crazy Quilters,

I hope you enjoy your visit. Let me know if I can help to make it more enjoyable.

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