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Covering a Memory Album

Album diagramDiagram for lining


  • Photo Album
  • Fabric cut 1" larger all around than open album
  • Batting cut same size as cover fabric
  • 2 pieces of cardboard 1/2" smaller than the inside of album cover
    The back of note pads work well
  • 2 Pieces lining fabric cut 1" larger than the cardboard
  • Pre-gathered lace measuring the total edge around the album
  • Glue: Hot glue, white craft glue or fabric glue
  • Spring type clothes pins 10 - 20
  • Optional: Ribbon ties, additional cord or trim same length as lace


Open the album flat and measure all sides. Measure the cover fabric 1" larger on each side (2" longer and 2" wider than the album cover). Measure and cut the batting slightly smaller than the fabric.

Place the (decorated) fabric Right Side down on the work area. Center the batting on the wrong side of the fabric. Place the album, centered on the batting and cover fabric. Cut a notch through both the fabric and the batting at the top and bottom of the spine of the album (your notch should just touch the metal ring portion of the album leaving a small triangular piece at the top and bottom of the metal spine. Trim the batting back even with the album cover.

Place a small amount of glue on the tip of each fabric triangle to anchor it under the metal part. Using a flat instrument, such as a nail file, poke the triangle of fabric smoothly under the metal spine.

Clip off all 4 corners of the fabric and the batting. Fold the fabric and batting to the inside of the album cover and glue in place. Be careful that your glue catches the edge of the batting and fabric but does not bleed through to the right side of the fabric. Use your clothes pins to hold in place until the glue is dry

TIP: Place the glue on the album cover not the fabric to prevent ridges or bleed through.

Cut your 2 cardboard pieces a little smaller than the inside cover of the album make sure that the cardboard is not in the way of the album closure.

Place the lining fabric right side down on your work space and center the cardboard on the wrong side of the fabric. Trim all 4 corners of each piece of fabric. Apply a line of glue along the 4 sides of the cardboard 1/8" from the edge and wide enough to hold the fabric.

Fold the fabric over the edge on the top, then the bottom and then each side pulling the fabric smooth and tight but not so tight as to buckle the cardboard.

Place a length of ribbon under the metal spine just above center and anchor with glue across the inside front and back covers to within 2" of the edge. Place a line of glue just inside the edge of the album around the entire inside cover and attach the bound edge of pre gathered lace into the glue allowing the lace to extend past the album edge.

Glue the ribbon to the lace at the bound edge of the lace.

Spread a thin even layer of glue over the entire wrong side of the covered cardboard. Center the cardboard to cover the edge of the lace on the inside front cover. Smooth it in place and wipe off any excess glue. Use the clothes pins to hold it in place.

Allow to dry completely. Replace the album pages and it is ready for the pictures.

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