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Bee Hive and Bee Plant Poke

Bee Hive & Bee


Yellow cord
Large diameter Jute string
Piece of lightweight cardboard, approx. 3" X 5"
1 Black and 1 yellow chenille stem
1 Black pompoms 1/2"
1 Black pompoms 1"
2 small wiggle eyes
2 tiny (4 mm) pompoms
Small piece of clear plastic cut from a 2 liter bottle
Craft glue
Fine point permanent marker
Craft stick or magnet


Bee Hive

Using the pattern trace the lines on a piece of lightweight cardboard. With a craft stick coat with glue. Beginning at the bottom right fold the jute end in 1/2" and press into the glue. Fold the jute back and forth filling in the area with the jute and pressing it into the glue up to the top. Trim the jute approximately 1/2" longer. Fold it back and press into the glue.

Glue an arch shaped piece of black chenille stem in the door area.


Glue the 1/2" pompom to the 1" pompom with the yellow chenille stem glue it loosely around the 1" black pompom to form the bees stripes. Beginning by covering the joint between the two pompoms and wrapping toward his tail letting the end stick out to the the stinger.

Cut the remainder of the black chenille stem in 1" pieces. Glue three down each side of the 1" pompom to form his legs. Fold one piece in half. Glue the 4mm pompom to each end. Glue the folded area on the top of his head to form antennae. Glue the two wiggle eyes in place.

Using the pattern cut the plastic wings adding the markings with the permanent marker. Glue one on each side of the bees' back.

Glue the bee to the top of the beehive and add either a craft stick plant poke or a magnet to the back of the beehive.

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