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Bookworm Book Cover

Bookworm Pattern

On lazy summer days I find a shady spot and become a bookworm.


Book of your choice
Fabric, can be an old pair of jeans or plain colored piece of clothing, color of your choice
Piece of green ribbon about 2" wide by 6" long
Small scrap of red ribbon
Small scrap of yellow or metallic gold ribbon
Black permanent marker
Fusible Web about 3" X 8"
Fabric or craft glue
Craft paint brush or applicator stick
diagram for book cover.


Open the book out flat on your fabric and trace around the book. On each end add a rectangle 5" wide. Add approximately 1/4" all the way around for your seam allowance. Using the paint brush and the glue paint a quarter inch line on the wrong side of each end. Allow to dry. Paint a second line on the right side of the fabric at each end and allow to dry. This will seal the edge and keep it from raveling.

Now, paint a quarter inch line all the way across the top and the bottom on the wrong side of the fabric. Fold the two ends toward the center 4 3/4" on each end and rub with your fingers to seal the two edges together. Allow to dry and then paint the right side with the glue in a 1/4" edge to prevent fraying.

As with all projects using electrical tools you will need adult assistance with the iron on the next step.

Trace the bookworm on the paper side of the fusible web and fuse it to the wrong side of the green ribbon. Fuse the hat to the wrong side of the gold or yellow ribbon and the book to the wrong side of the red ribbon. Cut out each piece. On the bookworm using your permanent marker mark his eyes, his mouth, his arms and the segment lines. On the hat draw a line across as pictured. Very carefully fold the green ribbon so you can clip the bookworms arms. You will cut them out from the top around past his hands.

Remove the paper from the back of the fusible web on the book part. Place it in the bookworms hands and peel just the hand part of the paper. Just barely tack to hold the book in place then remove the paper from the rest of the bookworm and the book and position them on your book cover where you think he looks best. Peel the paper from the hat and place it on the bookworms head and iron in place. If you are using a heavy fabric you might need to iron both sides.

Optional: You can take embroidery floss to match the worm, his hat or book and make small buttonhole stitch all around the edge of the book cover for decoration. These will be tiny stitches with just two strands embroidery floss. This will not only decorate the edge it will help strengthen the seams.


On card stock cut a piece 2" wide by 6" long. Trace the bookworm on the card stock. Color him to match the one on the book cover using paint, crayons, pencils or markers. Cut two pieces of clear contact paper 3" X 7". Center your card stock with the bookworm on it on one piece of contact paper, cover the other side with the second piece of contact paper smoothing it down all the way around. Trim close to the card stock but leave a little area where the contact paper is stuck to itself. Trim all the way around. Punch a hole in one end and make an embroidery floss tassel.



Cut one piece of embroidery floss 8" long. Fold in half. Place the folded end through the hole in the bookmark so it leaves a loop and bring the two ends of the same piece of floss through the loop and pull it snug. Tie a single knot 2 1/2" from the ends.

Wrap about 24" of floss around a piece of cardboard 2" square. Slip one end of the piece attached to the bookmark under the wraps and tie a knot catching all the wraps on the cardboard. Remove the cardboard and bring the two pieces from the knot down about 1/2", tie a single knot and wrap the two legs, one clockwise and one counter clockwise for two wraps each around the whole bundle and tie off in a double knot. Clip the bottoms of your tassel and trim them straight.

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