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Use the amounts that work for you.Applesauce: Place a coffee filter in a strainer over a bowl. Pour the applesauce into the coffee filter and set into the refrigerator overnight to drain. (Reserved liquid, it can be used in cooking. The solids are mixed with ground spices. (During the Holiday season you normally replace spices to do Holiday baking so use the old spices to make ornaments).

Begin with 1/4 cup drained applesauce. Keep adding ground spices until you form a stiff dough similar in texture to rolled cookie dough. Use large amounts of cinnamon with smaller amounts of nutmeg, allspice and ginger but let your nose be your guide. This dough can be rolled out and used with cookie cutters, molded in candy or paper mache molds or just hand molded/sculpted and then air dried or placed in a slow oven (150-200 degrees) until hard and dry. If air drying turn the ornament over every 24 hours until hard and dry. When oven drying turn over at least once to be sure it is dried thoroughly.

Some ornaments have been known to last for years. When the scent begins to fade sand lightly with an emery board and the scent comes back. Frost or decorate with writer tip white paint after they are dried.

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