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Coiled Scented Coaster

Cut fabric 1 1/2" wide by approximately 44" long (the length will depend on how large you want the finished coaster to be). Fold right sides together (*see hint) and sew across one end and down the long side using a 1/4" to 1/2" seam allowance. Turn fabric tube right side out and fill with kitty litter or scented rice. Pin the open end closed for now. Beginning at the sewn closed end fold back about an inch and ladder stitch the end to the tube and continue coiling and ladder stitching until you have reached the approximate size you want your completed coaster to be. Cut the tube approximately 1 1/2". fold in the open end, whip stitch closed. Taper from the ladder stitched area to the end stitching it in place.

**Hint:** Turning string. Place a string against the fold of the right side of the fabric when you sew across the end catch the string and to turn the tube gently pull the string and feed the fabric back through itself. When you get the tube turned right side out cut the string off being careful not to cut the fabric.

Kitty litter can be used for non-scented coasters as it will absorb the scent.

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