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Falling Leaves Painted Candle

Prints in 2 pages

Finished Falling Leaves Painted Candle

Pillar or taper candle in color of your choice
Acrylic paint in green, yellow, orange and brown
Paint brushes
A toothpick
Paper towels
Recycle a plastic container with lid

Using the two leaf patterns as your template, enlarge or reduce to give a variety of sizes. Print, then cut out the leaves. Using your toothpick trace the outline of the leaves randomly around the entire candle. You will use these outlines to paint in the colored leaves.

Place your candle on it's side and brace it near the top to keep it from rolling. Place a puddle of each color paint on the underside of the container lid. It is not necessary to use a candle medium if you paint with undilited acrylic craft paint. I would begin with the lightest color and work through to the darker without washing your brush. You do not want to get any water in with the paint. Place the container over your palette and place them in the freezer between painting sessions to preserve your paint. Wrap your brush in a piece of plastic wrap and place it in the freezer as well. When you have completely finished painting for the day wash the brush well and place it where it can complete dry undisturbed.

Dip your brush in the acrylic color of your choice and fill in the first leaf outline. Continue painting each leaf on this side of your candle choosing random colors and sizes as you like. Allow to dry thoroughly. Rotate the candle to the next section and paint in the leaves, again mixing your colors. See the picture as a guide. Allow the paint to dry and rotate again and repeat the painting as needed. When completely dry stand the candle up and use one of the other colors in a leaf to draw in the veins. As an example you may put brown veins on an orange leaf, orange veins on a yellow leaf, etc.

You can make a candle ring using real or silk leaves, gluing them to each other in a circle around the base of the candle or candle holder.

Maple Leaf templateOak Leaf Template

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