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Gifts personalized with your own pictures or artwork
1. Choose the items you wish to have personalized from those available.
2. Decide on the pictures or art you want printed on each item.
3. Follow instructions below on how to scan pictures then email to me by Clicking on the "T" Shirt image.
T- Shirt used as Email link
bvboutique at

Or mail the pictures to me and I will prepare them for you.
Nora Creeach
P.O. Box 759
Quinlan TX 75474

Instead of a card send those special people on your Christmas list a post card, note card or calendar with a picture of the family.

Wouldn't the Grandparents like a shirt with pictures of the grand kids on the front or back? Many items allow for two pictures. You can use the same or two different pictures. Planning a family vacation?

Preparing Pictures

Your computer monitor generally displays less than 100 DPI while a printer usually prints at 300 to over 1000 DPI. What looks good on your screen will not necessarily look good printed. Luckily, apparel is not exactly photo-paper, and the naturally un-smooth nature of cloth hides some resolution issues. But not all! When you prepare a picture you will want to scan the picture at 300 DPI to print well on your personalized gifts. Do not try to reduce the size of the scan, I will size the picture to fit the gifts you have chosen. I can always decrease your image and maintain a clean, crisp image. However, I cannot increase the resolution and image size of your image without compromising the image quality. Save as a .jpg file. You can send the email last thing at night when there is less traffic on the Internet.

It is better to wait a bit more for your photo to upload than to have a bad print at the end. If you prefer, mail the actual pictures to me with return postage and I will scan them for you and return them unharmed.


Your full name
Email address
telephone number with best time to call
Tell me the item and location (center front, pocket area, center back or shoulder) as well as any text with the color of the text.

You are under no obligation until you actually place the order. Your pictures will be displayed on the gifts you have chosen and placed in the "What you see is what you get" section at

View your choice of gifts with the pictures placed on each following your direction and if they meet your approval only then order those you want from the site. We have a secure site to accept credit cards.

Contact me by phone or email with any questions.

Bluebonnet Boutique