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Decorated Picture Frames

All of these frames can be decorated on wood, paper mache or metal frames. Prepare the base by painting color of your choice or if the frame already has a finish just use it if you like. The paint program I used for the pictures is very limited in the colors I used but you can make a large variety of colors by mixing your paints before you apply them to the frame.

Stained Glass:

The first frame is painted in a stained glass style. If you have an acrylic or clear plastic frame it would look great to paint with clear glass paints. With any other type frame use regular acrylic or water based craft paint. Paint the black lines using the design in the picture or your own arrangement. Allow them to dry completely. Fill in the open areas with any color paint you like. When completely dry You can paint one or two coats of a water based varnish (dries clear and come in matte or shiny)

Stained Glass look

Beaded Embellishments:

The second idea is to paint the frame a color of your choice or leave the finish already on the frame. Using fine craft wire in silver or brass color and clear colored seed beads , string the beads in the center of the wire and shape the wire into a petal shape twisting the ends of the wire together to hold.

Make about 5 petals for each flower. Gather your 5 petals together and twist all the ends to hold them in place. The center is a button. Place a wire piece through the hole in the button. If you use a shank button just twist the wire ends to hold then bring the ends between the petals and wrap around the base of the flower. If you use a button with the holes showing on top string a few beads in the center of the wire, poke the two ends one through each hole and twist on the back to anchor then around the base of the flower. If your button has 4 hole make an "X" on the top with the beads.

Beaded Flowers and Dragonfly

Use one larger green bead to cover the wires at the bottom of your flower or use the green seed beads and wrap the base of the flower with the wire strung with green seed beads, continue to string the green beads on the wire to form the stem. Make pointer loops similar to your flower petals and add them to the stem for the leaves.

The Dragonfly wings are made the same as your petals and leaves. You will use 2 long and 2 a little shorter as his back wings. The wings are folded around pencil or dowel stick so they have a rounded rather than pointed look. The body of the dragonfly is made of graduated sized beads. The largest is his head then 2 or 3 of a slightly smaller bead then 2 or 3 even smaller and finally 5 or 6 smaller yet to make his tail. Position the front wings go between the second and third beads in the group right behind his head. The back wings go between the 2nd and 3rd set of beads right before the longer tail. Shape the wings so they lay flat and don't quite touch. Work the wire tails from the wings into the body beads to hide them.

Glue the flowers and the dragon fly to the painted Frame following the picture or arrange them as you wish.

Collage Picture Frame

Collage picture frame

You can use fabric, pictures, gift wrap or paper napkins from which tto cut the motifs. Paint the frame in a black or dark color then cut out the individual flowers or item from your chosen material. Use thin white craft glue and a foam brush to apply the pictures to the frame. You can overlap the pictures, completely cover the entire surface or leave some spaces where the base color of the fram shows through.

Paint a small area with a thin smooth coat of glue, place your picture face up into the glue and paint the top with the thin glue smoothing the picture as you do. paint the next area with glue and add another picture. Continue like this until the entire frame is covered. Make sure that all the pictures are very smooth and you have no ridges, wrinkles or lumps and allow to dry. To protect the frame you should paint 2 or 3 coats of water based craft varnish over the entire frame. When it is dry, give it a couple of days, you can glue pieces of old jewelry, beads , found objects or other trinkets to the frame to further embellish it. These items should match the theme of your pictures. If you have a picture of a lady glue a row of beads to make a necklace or maybe a button for an ear ring. If you have used flowers maybe some leaves, twigs or moss for pictures of the sea shore small shells, star fish etc. Use your imagination to make it truly your own design.

Lacey Heart

Heart shaped frame

Using a heart shaped frame paint it white or color of your choice. Cover the painted frame with white lace gluing it to the back of the frame around the outside edge. Allow it to extend over the inner edge of the frame slightly. Add a piece of ruffled lace edging and glue it to the inner edge of the frame smoothing the extra from the covering lace to the back of the frame and gluing in place as you go. Cut a piece of white felt just smaller than the frame and glue it to the back to cover the raw edges. Allow to dry.

Arrange artificial silk flowers in a corsage extending up the right side of the frame from the point to the beginning of the rounded part of the heart. Glue them in place after you have arranged them as you like them best.

This would make a nice wedding picture frame with the paint in the brides color covered by the white lace.

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