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Frog Bank Picture of a jumping frog

Prints out in 3 pages.

Frog Bank Picture

Here is a funny frog who will help you save your money. Just lift up his tounge and he will swallow it right down.

The instructions are for a frog made using a 10 1/2 to 12 oz. nut canister. The pattern may have to be enlarged or shrunk depending on your printer and the size of canister you are using.


1 cardboard can with plastic lid
Craft glue and craft stick
Plastic picnic knife or spoon
1 1/2 sheets green Fun Foam
Black Sharpie pen
2 large wiggle eyes (30 mm)
Craft knife to use when cutting mouth
Optional: Can use felt in place of Fun Foam


Print the pattern and cut out your pattern. Using the pattern as a template trace pattern pieces and all markings on green Fun Foam and cut out. Trace tongue on red Fun Foam and cut out. With the black Sharpie pen draw the mouth, nostrils and arm and leg details (on back legs draw the same markings on both sides of the piece) using the pattern markings as a guide.

Cut out 2 circles 3" in diameter and a rectangle 3" X 13 1/2" of green foam to level the lid and bottom of your canister and cover the sides of the can for the body. Spread glue on the rectangle of foam and glue in place around the canister positioning the seam on the underside..

Glue the 2 circles, one on lid and one on the bottom of the can to level these areas so the head and legs of your frog will be smooth..

Cut 2" X 1/4" tall slit on the frogs' mouth through both layers of foam and the plastic lid. Place the flat end of the tongue through the slit and glue between the 2 layers of foam allowing the tongue to hang down to cover mouth opening. Glue the face/front legs to the plastic lid. Glue frogs' back end with his legs to the bottom of the can. Glue eyes in place as marked. Allow to dry thoroughly. Place the lid on the canister lining up the front and back legs.

Lift up his tongue and feed the Frog when you deposit money.

Pattern pieces can be easily adjusted to fit any size can.

Pattern for back of 2

Pattern for front of 3

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