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Lace Memory Heart

Lace Memory Heart

1 lace doily size of your choice
5 small silk rose buds color of your choice
Small amount of silk baby's breath
3 or more pearl loops
10" of satin ribbon for hanger white or color to match roses
A variety of keepsakes
A sheet of clear plastic - template or shrink plastic
Zipper type bag
Fabric stiffener
White craft glue
Option: Needle and thread to match doily or fabric covered album if using on an album cover.

In the sample I used a 10" Battenburg Lace Heart Doily from Wimpole Street, 5 silk red rose buds and a number of pieces or jewelry kept from my grandmother, mother, myself, my son and my grandchildren. I also included some buttons and mementos from important times in my life. This was made into a wall hanging but without the stiffener and plastic backing could easily be stitched to a memory album or matted and framed.

Cut the plastic sheet in a heart shape slightly smaller than your doily. Mine is 9 1/2"

Follow the instructions on the fabric stiffener bottle. I placed a small to medium amount of the stiffener in a zip bag and added the doily. After closing the bag, knead to distribute the stiffener and help the doily to absorb the stiffener. When removing the doily from the plastic bag, use the bag opening to remove excess stiffener. Spread the doily on the plastic heart shape an smooth out any wrinkles. Allow to dry completely.

Arrange the roses, baby's breath and pearl loops in a pleasing design down the left side of the doily gluing them in place with the white craft glue. Arrange the mementos around on the remaining heart. When your design pleases you glue each item in place. Glue the ribbon to the dip in the heart to form a hanger.

Option: If placing your heart on an album cover instead of gluing each item in place, stitch them onto the heart. Begin with a covered album and stitch the entire outer edge of the heart to the cover. You may now glue the roses in place and then stitch each item through the heart doily and into the fabric cover of your album. This not only attaches your mementos but also helps to anchor the doily.