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Doll Theme Craft Party

Example of doll made at a Doll Theme Craft Party

Although these instructions deal with using dolls as a theme they can be converted to any other craft projects quite easily. The hostess provides a finished pancake doll blank (these can be purchased or made by the hostess). She also provides material to complete the doll and supplies that can be used in common.


A doll blank for each guest
Paint, crayons or colored pencils for the face
Thick craft glue
Glue gun and glue sticks
Buttons, charms, trims and fabric for the clothing
Permanent marker (fine point Sharpie pen)
Black paint and paint brush for shoes
Hair: pieces of torn fabric

Hostess has a decorative button or charm on a length of rattail cord or ribbon to award to each doll when finished.


Each person paints a face on their doll. Be sure to add a small white dot for highlight in the same place on each eye. Mouth can be a small heart with a line through it or features of their choice. Use a torn strip of fabric for sandals tied around the foot and ankle or paint shoes on the doll and set aside for the doll to dry.

While the face and the shoes are drying tear the hair fabric into strips approximately 1/2" wide by 3" long. Tie a single knot in the center of each strip and set aside until you have enough to cover the hair area of the dolls' head. This gives a short all over hair do. If you would rather longer hair your pieces should be torn twice the length, plus an inch for the knot, of what you want the finished hair-do.

The clothing for your doll is made to be tied on the doll and with glue added to hold it in place. The most popular method is a rectangle tied on top of the shoulder on one side down under the arm and around the body on the other side. Where it is tied on the shoulder it is tied in a double knot flaring the tail slightly to look like a bow. The open seam down the side is glued together to close.

Ribbons, trims and other embellishments can be glued to decorate. The raw edges at the top of the dress are just tucked under so they don't show.

This is just one way to dress the doll but each person can use their imagination to dress and embellish the doll using the supplies on hand.

Using a pencil draw a very light line showing the hair line. Place a puddle of craft glue on a paper plate and holding each knot by its' tail dip the knot itself into the glue and place it on the doll head following the hair line. Be sure to turn the knot so the tails do not all face the same way. Each knot should be slightly different angle than the one before and the one after. It is easiest to start at the back of the neck and follow the hair line for the first row and then fill in to completely cover the head of your doll. Allow to dry thoroughly. Handle carefully and you can take it home to finish drying, at least 24 hours.

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