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Pop Can Critters

Prints on one page.

Clown pop can critter

Pop can
Paint in colors of your choice
Craft glue
Embellishments of your choice to decorate your Pop Can Critter


Flatten an empty pop can. You may need help from a grown-up to squeeze the can a little so you can stomp it pretty flat.

With your paint design the critter you want. Its' face should be on the top part of the can so the part you drink from can become its' mouth. You can paint the features or glue wiggle eyes and pompoms, etc. for the eyes and nose. Bits of yarn or doll hair can be glued on. Pieces of fabric, ribbon and trim can be used to decorate your critter.

You can make it as a human or an animal or a totally made up critter. On the clown I used green paint, some green felt for his hat, green pom poms on his hat and a red one for his nose. The hair is made of bunches of orange yarn curls, his mouth and cheeks are red paint.

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