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Bunny Hand Puppet

Prints on 2 pages.


Canvas Garden Glove
1/4" dowel stick 6" to 8" long
Craft glue
Assorted buttons, fabric, ribbon of your choice to decorate
Small amount of fiber fill
Orange & green felt
Fine point black permanent marker
Paint, crayons or fabric markers to decorate


Tuck thumb of glove to the inside forming a pocket on the outside of the glove.

Fold the index finger and the little finger over to form the bunnies arms. Glue in place (you can add a small basket etc., glued between the two hands.)

Fold the tip of the middle two fingers over slightly and glue to form ear tips.]

Add a little color to the inside of the ears. Dot the nose and the cheeks. Using permanent marker draw in the eyes, mouth, whiskers and eyebrows and draw the inside of the ear. Roll a small piece of orange felt into a cone and glue several small strips of green felt to the top to form a carrot. Insert the carrot in the thumb pocket and glue in place.

Decorate the bunny with buttons, lace, scraps of fabric glued on as desired.

Stuff the body lightly with fiberfil. insert the dowel stick into the stuffing using a little glue on dowel stick to anchor. Gather the wrist band of the glove around the dowel stick and tie to secure with the jute.

Let the children write their own story about the bunny and use the puppet to act it out.

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