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Bottle Safe

Drawing of bottle safe

Small glass jar with screw on lid
Paper towel or bathroom tissue core
Paint, color of your choice
Felt, size of bottom diameter of jar
Variety of buttons, charms and sewing notions for lady
Small doily (size of jar lid)
Lace and trims to decorate
Craft glue and craft stick
Assorted small pieces of hardware for man (screws, washers, nuts, tiny tools and pencil stub)


Paint the jar lid and set aside to dry. Measure the cardboard core to at least 1/4" shorter than your jar. Spread glue on the outside of the cardboard core and arrange buttons or hardware trims to totally cover the core. Trace a circle the size of the inside bottom of your jar on the felt and cut out. Spread a very light coat of glue on one side of the felt and arrange to cover the inside bottom of the jar. Put glue on the bottom edge of your decorated cardboard tube and place it into the jar and press firmly against the felt. If room permits add additional trims, notions, hardware, etc. between the outside edge of the decorated cardboard and the glass.

For the ladies glue your doily centered on top of the jar lid and arrange prettiest buttons and charms to your liking on the doily and glue in place. Add bow.

For the man on the painted jar lid arrange a variety of the hardware, small screwdriver, pencil stub, etc. in a design that pleases you and glue in place.

Optional variations can be made using other things:

Use cotton swabs or cotton balls to fill. Decorate with baby rattle, blocks, etc. for a babys' room
Use as filler colorful fishing worms, decorate top with flies, floats, sinkers, etc. for a fisherman
Collect found objects on a nature walk and use as fill and decoration.

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