Stick Sea Horse

Sea Horse Pattern

The Sea Horse picture is also the pattern. If you wish to make permanent stick horses you may need to enlarge the picture. This was designed for young children ages 2 to 4 yars old as party decorations and favors so I would use the pattern at this size.


2 pieces of felt or fun foam in a light orange, light brown or coral color
A black permanent marker
A light brown permanent marker
1/4" dowel stick 36" long
Strips of orange, brown and pink felt of funfoam cut 1/4" by 2"
2 wiggle eyes 1/2" in diameter or white paint for the eyes
White craft glue
Piece of cardboard 8" X 11"
Large wooden bead

Print out the pattern, trace it on cardboard and cut it out. This will be your template. Trace around the template on the first piece of felt or fun foam. Place the second piec under the first and cut out both t the same time. This will give you a front and back for one sea horse. Using the brown marker draw the pattern of squares spots and lines similar to those in the drawing. Glue the wiggle eye in place as shown in the drawing or paint the eyes and allow to dry.

Spread an even thin coat of glue over the entire inside of both sea horses. Place three or four thin strips of felt or foam at the points along the top of his head and down the neck as shown in the picture. They are more densely placed along the edge of his dorsl fin. Place the dowel stick between the 2 sea horses so the stick reaches into the neck of the sea horse. Straighten the 2 sides of the sea horse so he is even all around the edges. The stick will show between the bottom of his tummy and his tail. Smooth the two pieces together so the glue is in good contact and the to sides are smoothly joined. Glue a large bead to the other end of the dowel for safety and a smoother ride. Stand in a bucket until ready to play.


If the sea horses are for a very temporary use you can print two copies, one reversed, on heavey card stock. The color of the card stock will be the color of your sea horses and the eyes, and markings should print out. They may need a little touch up if not dark enough. Cut out the pictures and glue the dowel stick in place as above.