Bluebonnet Village Craft Network

Washcloth Bride and Groom

Bride and groom made of washcloths

2 white washcloths
4 black or blue beads or 4 wiggle eyes
Scraps of orange felt for noses
4 small twigs for arms
A tulle circle or small piece of net or lce for veil
8" Piece of black satin ribbon for grooms tie
8" Piece of ribbon in bride's color for her neck
Small silk flowers or ribbon roses for top of veil and bouquet

Using drawing as your guide and pins for the attachment (so the clothes can be taked apart and used).
1. Roll both left & right sides of cloth to the center.
2. Fold in half with the rolled part to the inside.
3. Tie a ribbon around the neck area in a bow. Black for groom, brides color for the bride.

Decorate with wiggle eyes or black buttons for eyes. Small pieces of rolled orange felt for the noses. Red yarn or felt scrap for the mouths. A piece of net for her veil and a silk or ribbon rose for her bouquet. 4 small twigs for arms.