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Suncatcher Angel

Prints out on 2 pages.

Angel picture

Angel Pattern


Paint and brush, crayons or colored pencils
Small piece of sandpaper
Permanent marker
Hole punch
Cord for hanging
A sheet of Shrink plastic or acrylic approximately 5" X 6"


Lightly sand the shrink plastic in the area to be covered by the angel. Trace the picture of the angel onto the clear plastic with the permanent marker. Color in the outline with your choice of paint, crayon or pencils.

Punch two holes in the top of your plastic sheet, attach the hanger and hang where the sun can shine through the picture.

Option: You may cut out the angel and punch the hole inside the halo and shrink according to package directions. Tie the hanger cord through the hole in the halo and use as a package tie or Christmas Tree ornament.

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