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Travel Memory Box

Prints out on 1 page.
Picture of project

Shoe box or small cardboard box with a lid
Maps, white or colored paper to cover box
Found objects from trip
Craft glue
Crayons, markers or paint
Small notebook, pencil or pen


Cover the box smoothly with the map or paper or paint the outside of the box.

Using a road map of the area traveled, you can mark towns and special places on the trip, Arrange pictures, postcards and found objects along the route or arrange in a pleasing design on the top and sides of the box.Glue in place and allow to dry thourghly.

In the notebook write telling what the items are, where you found them and all the things you did during the summer. Place other collected vacation items inside the box with the notebook and you are ready for show and tell when you go back to school.

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