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Tri-bead Bluebonnets

These Bluebonnets can be made into pins, magnets or a tiny pot of flowers. You can also glue them on to a wooden shape of Texas as a reminder of a special visit to the Lone Star State. Tri-bead bluebonnets on shape of Texas


5 clear or white tri beads
7 light sapphire tri beads
9 dark sapphire tri beads
6" piece of green chenille stem
6" square of green net
Enough 1/4" wide ribbon to tie a bow
White craft glue
Optional: pinback, magnet or large oval wooden bead

Fold the chenille stem so one leg is a little longer than the other. Begin threading the dark beads 4 on the shorter side and 5 on the longer side. Add the light blue 3 to the short stem and 4 to the long stem. Now add the clear or white beads 2 on the short side 3 on the longer side.

Fold down and pinch the stem end of each side (this is a fold and then a second fold each about 1/8" to 1/4" long. Push the beads up against this fold so they are firm with no spaces and the beads have nested. Make a single twist by holding the folded part of the stem between your thumb and finger and twist once to hold the beads in place.

This forms your 2 flower stems. Place the folded part of the stem in the center of the net square and pull the 4 corners up around the flowers. Tie the ribbon around the net and tie a bow.

You can make a vase by placing the stems and net in the hole of a large oval wooden bead, make a pin by gluing a pinback on the side away from the bow or make a magnet by gluing on a magnet strip in place of the pinback.

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