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Basic Paper Twist Doll

Note: Because of the lack of Paper Twist in the current market, you may substitute crepe Paper, tissue paper or fabrics in these instructions.

Styrofoam ball 1" (up to 2 1/2")
6" Bamboo Skewer (9" to 12" plant poke or dowel stick)
1 6" piece flesh color paper twist (up to 12")
1 piece flesh color paper twist approximately 8" (up to 16") untwisted
Base (wooden wheel, flat wooden shape with hole drilled in center for stick or a Styrofoam disc)
Paper twist color of choice for bodice and sleeve.
Sleeves 6", bodice 4" (up to 12 1/2" for sleeve, bodice up to 10")
Skirt, 3 pieces 7" long (5 pieces 16" long)
Hair a small amount of doll hair, yarn, Spanish moss or crushed potpourri, etc.
Trims and embellishments of your choice to finish
Angel will require 10" to 20" of metallic or iridescent Paper Twist for wings
White craft glue
Wire, thread or light cord


Dip one end of the stick into the glue and place into the center of the ball. Dip the other end in glue and place it in the center of your base. (If using the wheel or a piece with a pre-drilled hole that is too large fill the hole with hot glue and anchor the stick.)

Untwist the 6" sleeve piece, run a bead of glue down the 6" length and glue to form a tube. Place the flesh colored untwisted Paper Twist into the sleeve forming arms (with a little glue fold back the ends of the sleeves in a hem allowing a little of the flesh colored Paper Twist to protrude as hands. Attach the sleeve covered arm centered just below the head on the stick using your glue. A figure eight wrap with wire, thread or light cord around the stick and the Paper Twist armature will anchor it in place.

Using a cardboard squeegee cover the untwisted flesh colored piece of Paper Twist and set aside for a moment to allow glue to saturate Paper Twist. Then place the glue side of the flesh colored piece down on the ball and smooth the Paper Twist toward the back of the head making a smooth face and glued down the front and back over the arms and covering the stick to within 1" to 2" of the base. Be sure to pull in tight at the base of the ball to form the neck (you may need to wrap with wire, thread or light cord to hold).

Untwist the bodice piece, cut up the center of the length to the mid point. At the end of the cut make a very tiny circle to fit around the stick. Place the solid piece to the front with the cut piece slightly overlapped up the back. Glue along the back seam and wrap below the sleeve armature with wire, thread or light cord to form a waist.

Fold each skirt piece in half over the wire, thread or light cord gathering it along the length of the wire, wrap the wire around the doll at the waist and continue to gather to fit. Tie off the wire and add a small amount of glue around the waist to help hold in place. Add a belt of folded Paper Twist, ribbon or trim of your choice around the waist to cover the top of the skirt. Add other trims and embellishments as desired.

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