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WAX ROSE - - floating candles

Melt, color and scent wax following the instructions for pine cone fire starters. Grease a shallow pan using solid white shortening such as Crisco. Pour the melted wax approximately 1/4" thick. Allow to solidify but while still warm cut circles with the doughnut hole cutter. With the wick in the center form a ball the size of a radish . Flatten the end opposite the wick against a sheet of wax paper. With each circle of wax while firm but still warm shape a rose petal by pinching the edge between your thumb and forefinger to make it ruffle like a rose petal (similar to making bread dough roses)

Smooth each petal as it is formed around the wicked ball until you have a rose the size you desire. If you wish to add leaves tint some wax green, proceed as above but cut in leaf shape smaller than you want the finished leaf and pinch and stretch the edges as with the rose petals. Add the leaf to the bottom of the finished rose.

These roses can be placed in a low shallow bowl with a little water in it. They will not actually float in the bowl but they will look as if they are.

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