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Picture of 4th of July windsock.

Cardboard core from tissue or paper towel
6 pieces White ribbon 3/8" by 18" (3 yds.)
6 pieces Red ribbon 3/8" by 18" (3 yds.)
6 pieces Blue ribbon 3/8" by 18" (3 yds.)
Craft glue
Paint brush or craft stick to spread glue
36" piece of string or cord
Plastic wrap or aluminum foil
Large darning needle
Optional: 18" length dowel stick
You can use 9" lengths of ribbon gluing them in place on just the outside of the cardboard core for a less full Wind Sock.
Scraps of red, white and blue yarn, embroidery floss, torn fabric strips or paper can also be used to replace ribbon


Cut a 1" length piece from the cardboard core. Spread craft glue to cover the outside and the inside of the cardboard tube. This can be done a small area at a time as you add the ribbons. Fold each ribbon in half, wrong sides together and center it over the cardboard tube piece so it is attached both inside and outside of the core beginning with a red, then a white, then a blue and continue until the cardboard piece is covered.

With a small amount of glue on your fingers rub it across the cut ends of all the ribbons to keep them from fraying. Leave your partially finished Wind Sock on a piece of aluminum foil or plastic wrap until it dries thoroughly.

Cut your string or cord in three 12" pieces. Thread one end through the darning needle and take a stitch through the ribbon and through the cardboard 1/4" from the top edge of the Wind Sock. Remove the needle and pull the two ends until they are even. This may require adult help to get through the cardboard.

Repeat with the other two pieces of cord one third of the distance around the circle. Bring all 6 ends together and tie an overhand knot. This is your hanger and can be used to attach your Wind Sock to the optional dowel stick or you can tie it on the front of your bicycle or hang it somewhere in your room as a decoration.

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