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Wind Spinner or Whirligig

Prints out in 2 pages.

Diagram of Wind Spinner or whirligig Whirligig


2 - 2 liter pop bottles*
Plastic beads, can be faceted, tri beads or pony beads**
12 inch piece of heavy wire (cross piece of a clothes hanger will work)
An 8" piece of cord, ribbon or leather lacing for hanger
Hole punch
Needle nose pliers
Scissors decorative edge or sraight edge
Option: Lengths of ribbon can be tied in an overhand knot in the bottom
loop to flutter in the wind.

*You can use clear bottles, colored bottles or decorate the strips with glass paint if you wish.

**If using tri beads you will need 2 beads, 6 or 8 mm faceted beads and pony beads use one each time you are to add beads.

Cut 12 to 14 strips from the plastic bottles. Each strip should be 1/2" wide and 10 inches long. Use your hole punch to make a hole in the center of each strip 1/4" from the end. Repeat for the other end of each strip.

With the needle nose pliers make a loop at the bottom of the heavy wire. Thread the first of the beads onto the wire.

Place the first plastic strip over the wire and add the next bead (see above instructions for beads). Alternate the beads with the strips of plastic until you have used all the strips.

Measure from the bottom loop to the top of the stack of beads and plastic strips. Now measure down from the top that same distance plus 1 1/2 inches for the top loop and mark the spot on the wire. Add beads to fill the wire to just below your mark with beads.

Bring the other end of first strip you placed on the wire up (this will be the very bottom strip) and place the hole at the other end over the wire. This should make the strip bow out a little as in the drawing. Add a bead** and then bring the other end of the second strip from the bottom and place it on the wire. Continue adding the beads and the strips until you have filled the wire. You will always use the bottom strip with the loose end as the next strip to add.

Place a final bead on the wire and with the needle nose pliers form a loop to hang your windspinner. Make sure you do not push the beads and strips together too tight or it will not spin. If you think it is too tight you can make the loop a little smaller or remove the top bead.

Place a hanger cord in the top loop. Arrange the strips in a spiral around the wire and hang it where the wind will catch it.

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